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  • Affirm your place as favourite relative this Easter

    Where interstate commitments may have dictated this year’s itinerary, Coastal Hampers now gifts you with a palette of ‘chocolatey’ choice to affirm your status as favourite relative.
  • Sunny Coast Snack wins Coastal Hampers March Consumer's Choice

    While we navigate through new orders to deliver products promoting a little self-indulgence and personal pampering, the team are thrilled to debut a new partnership with Brockenchack Wines and locally known, The Silva Spoon.
  • Celebration Grazing wins Coastal Hampers consumer’s choice for the month of February

      We are pleased to announce for the month of February, ‘Celebration Grazing’ has surpassed any other hamper purchase.   Coastal Hampers is ...
  • Say it with a Happy Birthday Hamper

    Birthdays are there for bold celebration, and Coastal Hampers have carefully selected vibrant colour palettes to ignite a mood of excitement and are a palpable reminder to show you care.
  • 7 Reasons to send A Chocolate Lover’s Hamper

    With a carefully selected combination of gold, pink and white, Coastal Hampers have curated a stunning new product to show off the very best of our artisan chocolate flavours.
  • 7 Reasons to say Happy Valentine’s Day with Coastal Hampers

    Coastal Hampers invites you to be bold this Valentine’s Day, because life is too short for secret admirers.

    With Valentine’s Day just under a week away, the team at Coastal Hampers have been preparing their celebrations for seamless delivery.

  • Be Bold this Valentine’s Day

    Be Bold this Valentine’s Day If we’ve learnt anything from 2020 it’s that life is too short and any opportunity should be celebrated, maximised a...
  • Coastal Hampers announce 'sweet' new partnership

    Coastal Hampers is thrilled to announce a sweet new partnership.

    As self-proclaimed happiness providers, Coastal Hampers and Kokopod compliment each other to excite and ignite their recipients with tasteful decadence like no other.

  • Say Happy Valentine’s with Raspberries & Roses

    Offering free delivery on the day itself, the Coastal Hampers team will spend their February 14th circling the Sunshine Coast to surprise and spoil you with new gift hampers.
  • 'A Taste of Barossa' wins Coastal Hampers Consumer's Choice

    ‘A Taste of Barossa’ wins Coastal Hampers Consumer’s Choice    We are pleased to announce that for the months of December and January, ‘A Taste...
  • Chandon debuts stunning new wine label

    The team at Coastal Hampers saw the product and instantly fell in love. With a strong correlation to the relaxed lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast, the wine label displays a clear passion for slowing down and self-indulgence at the forefront of a much-needed summer break.


    "All products are gorgeously arranged in one of Coastal Hamper’s Signature white boxes to not only aid in ease of transportation, but to elegantly embellish one’s kitchen counter top."