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Coffee, Chocolate, Cocktails - the ultimate triple threat.

Coffee, Chocolate, Cocktails - the ultimate triple threat

No matter the order, these three C’s are a crowd pleaser and if you don’t love one, we know you can’t live without the other.

The Sunshine Coast is brewing with locally sourced produce to revel in the steady rise of our food and drink culture, shaking locals to support our own and rebounding tourists like never before.

Slow mornings with brilliant coffee, beachside cocktails with a view, and fine chocolate to heighten happiness (because it’s scientifically proven to do so..). These are the C’s that make our world go around, and are often synonymous with shared experience and company.

And while many visit the Sunshine Coast for a holiday and dream of moving here one day, we remember great moments through our senses, and what’s one of the greatest? Taste!


 Sunshine Barista Gift Hamper

To reminisce on some of your favourite foodie experiences, Costal Hampers have gifted us with a way to capture and commemorate your coastal memories. For those who can’t get book a holiday anytime soon, or are simply wanting to spoil someone special, Coastal Hampers have curated a gift box rich in nostalgia. 

Sunshine Barista is our official collaboration of the three finest.

Coffee from John Kyle’s Espresso, Chocolate from Kokopod and Maleny’s Chocolate Country and Vodka and Mr Barista for our Cocktail mix with Sunshine and Son’s. This decadent hamper is a tangible ode to the sunshine state and the incredible businesses who widen eyes time and time again.


John Kyle Espresso + Sunshine & Sons


And now with no need to organise treats from all destinations, Coastal Hampers does the work for you, and even delivers!

For a tasty treat or a quick Sunshine Coast holiday fix, visit Coastal Hampers online today to view the brand new - Sunshine Barista gift hamper!

With love,

Coastal Hampers x