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  • Treats for Code Property Group - Postcards by Coastal Hampers

    Code Property is a business all about people, offering a creative approach to sales and property management on the Sunshine Coast. With innovation, friendliness and genuine care at the forefront of leadership, Coastal Hampers strongly resonate with the foundations of all they do.
  • Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat - Postcards from Coastal Hampers

    Coastal Hampers had the recent pleasure of witnessing the beauty of Narrow Escape's Rainforest Retreat.
  • Hinterland Heaven - Postcards from Coastal Hampers

    Surprising his partner with a stunning weekend up north, Trent is now the thoughtful romantic to admire, envy, and inspire to all at once.
  • Send in your stories! Postcards by Coastal Hampers

    We love to hear your stories, so please contact us if Coastal Hampers helped your recipient smile. 
  • A Seaside Engagement - Postcards from Coastal Hampers

    With the gift of Coastal Hamper's best selling arrangement - Celebration Crazing, the pair enjoyed a glass of Moet Champagne to celebrate the special occasion.
  • A hinterland haven exists on the Sunshine Coast

    A true haven, Balmoral 575 resembles an almost story book location. If a cottage could speak, Balmoral would whisper. Nestled away within the picturesque hills of Balmoral Ridge, a quaint sense of freedom exists within a striking green landscape. 
  • Affirm your place as favourite relative this Easter

    Where interstate commitments may have dictated this year’s itinerary, Coastal Hampers now gifts you with a palette of ‘chocolatey’ choice to affirm your status as favourite relative.
  • Sunny Coast Snack wins Coastal Hampers March Consumer's Choice

    While we navigate through new orders to deliver products promoting a little self-indulgence and personal pampering, the team are thrilled to debut a new partnership with Brockenchack Wines and locally known, The Silva Spoon.
  • Celebration Grazing wins Coastal Hampers consumer’s choice for the month of February

      We are pleased to announce for the month of February, ‘Celebration Grazing’ has surpassed any other hamper purchase.   Coastal Hampers is ...
  • Say it with a Happy Birthday Hamper

    Birthdays are there for bold celebration, and Coastal Hampers have carefully selected vibrant colour palettes to ignite a mood of excitement and are a palpable reminder to show you care.
  • 7 Reasons to send A Chocolate Lover’s Hamper

    With a carefully selected combination of gold, pink and white, Coastal Hampers have curated a stunning new product to show off the very best of our artisan chocolate flavours.
  • 7 Reasons to say Happy Valentine’s Day with Coastal Hampers

    Coastal Hampers invites you to be bold this Valentine’s Day, because life is too short for secret admirers.

    With Valentine’s Day just under a week away, the team at Coastal Hampers have been preparing their celebrations for seamless delivery.