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Why Gift Hampers are the new Flower Arrangements

Have you ever wondered why flowers have forever been used as the perfect little pick me up or surprise delivery?

Colour is scientifically proven to enhance mood and stimulate emotion through thoughtfully selected arrangements, and it seems we have used a flower's visual appeal as our own personal booster. 
Coastal Hampers have now revealed why flower deliveries flourish, and the subtle secret weapon a bouquet contains - an intention to target their recipient with an overwhelming sense of optimism and appreciation. And as self-proclaimed happiness providers, Coastal Hampers pride themselves on crafting visually pleasing products too.
While we all love a flower bouquet from time to time, we also crave a little variety. Coastal Hampers have mindfully curated colour inspired gift hampers, with all the same ideas but with a little extra flair and individuality.
"Whatever the occasion, our friends are there to be celebrated, and Coastal Hampers has now gifted us with a colour palette of choice to perfect your intention."

The two products of mood enhancement are the stunning Summer Lovin' and Raspberry and Roses, each adorned with stunning bottle of Chandon Champagne.

Summer Lovin' will ignite your inner Zen without committing to that costly yoga class. Carefully assembled with blue-toned product choices, this gorgeous hamper gift box features a limited edition, brand new Chandon Champagne, Koko Black Pralines and a Coconut and Lime candle. Where blue represents security, safety and serenity, this hamper creation can be used to promote ultimate relaxation for your recipient.
Where it’s looking like a Chandon Champagne sort of Celebration, the second hamper of feature - Raspberry & Roses, is assembled for passion. With red and pink tones to inspire love and affection, this hamper will spoil your loved one with pink champagne, delectable raspberry meringues and rose petal peanut brittle dribbled in Belgium chocolate.
And believe us, a vibrant hamper arrangement not only says individuality, but also looks just as appealing on a kitchen counter. With Coastal Hamper's free delivery, we invite you to spoil a friend or loved one this year!