LouisB Limoncello ignites thirst for travel

LouisB Limoncello ignites thirst for travel

Brisbane born, LouisB Limoncello is the new product prickling ears across Queensland. With European summer dreaming now a reality, LouisB provides us with a quick, conversation provoking substitute to kickstart our holiday planning.


With international travel now in full flight, LouisB has designed and produced an exquisite range of Limoncello to quench our thirst for travel, paying homage to warmer weather and the beauty of Southern Italy.


LouisB shines in drawing a parallel between celebration at home and celebration away, producing an overseas delicacy using local ingredients. The Limoncello is made using lemons and limes sourced from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, proving local will forever rival international ingredients. The process is undoubtedly handmade, using fresh limes and lemons throughout the season, contributing to a powerful infusion of pure taste. With an alcohol percentage of 40%, LouisB follows Nona’s traditional methods and recipes, using ‘high grade Australian Crafted Grain Alcohol, Filtered Water, Queensland lemon zest, and Queensland sugar.


The bottle has been thoughtfully designed to mirror timeless European class. Prettily packaged with a perfume bottle like exterior, the gift mirrors European style with an organic hint of nostalgia to evoke Italian holiday dreaming. 

As LouisB announces, all you need is ‘traditional hand crafted Limoncello and Friends,’ marking any occasion to celebrate with a perfect digestif of liqueur for Limoncello lovers alike. LouisB offers the opportunity for creativity and originality in the kitchen - prompting recipients to experiment with flavours. With a number of ways to serve this decadent treat, the combination of ice cream and 40% alcohol is enough to offer a palate of flavour explosion.  


The inclusion of LouisB within a Coastal Hampers arrangement was ignited by a shared belief of ‘any little reason to celebrate.’ For gifting, for dinner parties, or a thoughtful sense of nostalgia for those near and dear, you can find LouisB via their website, or perfectly paired within a Coastal Hampers ultimate, decadent gift box.


Coastal Hamper’s ‘Limoncello Delight’ pairs LouisB with Mediterranean inspired products including Silver Tongue Foods Sourdough Crackers, Ogilvie & Co’s Gourmet Olives, Kokopod’s Vegan Pina Colada Chocolate, Santa Margherita Prosecco, all beautifully wrapped within a Coastal Hampers box for their recipient. It’s a gift of exquisite taste and a true essence of flavour, with a spotlight on supporting local, and supporting our own.


Visit LouisB here. 

Or Coastal Hampers Gift arrangement here