Coastal Hampers announce 'sweet' new partnership

Coastal Hampers announce 'sweet' new partnership

Have you heard of Kokopod?


The Coastal Hampers team will forever resonate with two sentiments - all of our problems can be solved with chocolate and there truly is no greater gift. 

Calling all sweet tooth’s out there, Coastal Hampers have partnered with Sunshine Coast based and award winning - Kokopod to deliver indulgent, high quality and visually pleasing chocolate to consumers. And as self-proclaimed happiness providers, Coastal Hampers and Kokopod compliment each other to excite and ignite their recipients with tasteful decadence like no other.

Kokopod Chocolate began with a six week Melbourne based chocolate course, and resulted in a highly successful Australian owned business. Our favourite hampers with Kokopod to purchase include: Sunset Celebration, Moet Koko and Me, and Celebration Grazing. 



With creativity, taste and design at the forefront of product choice, the Kokopod team offer an extensive range suitable for any occasion. With a quick visit to their website, you’ll see why Coastal Hampers resonate with Kokopod and their unrivalled talent for presentation, personalisation and passion. 

With Coastal Hampers experiencing an exciting stage of growth, we are thrilled to offer Kokopod products with the perfect blend of elegance and individuality to each hamper box. It seems the gold branding choice for each company alike has been carefully selected to appeal to a universal recognition of wealth and excess. 

In the art of collaboration, you can visit Kokopod products here:

and visit Coastal Hampers here: