7 Reasons to take Home a Coastal Hamper this Christmas

7 Reasons to take Home a Coastal Hamper this Christmas

December through to January is the undeniable season for gift giving and gratitude. With borders beginning to open and our optimism for a Christmas rich in family fun a near reality, we often leave present purchasing to the last possible moment.

Coastal Hampers is the new boutique business to relieve you from all the stress of racing to the shops and ashamedly battling over Sunshine Plaza carparks. With Coastal Hampers we’re able to spoil our giftee with a carefully curated package of goodness to fuel and inspire an indulgent, well deserved Christmas break.

With the countdown officially on, we’ve detailed 7 reasons to choose a Coastal Hamper this Christmas, and allow for a stress free, hassle free, approaching silly season:

  1. It’s a five-minute process: The lead up to Christmas is forever busy with social calendars, work obligations and preparation, where Christmas gifts are often left to the last minute. With Coastal Hampers, the process is seamless - you’re able to order and pay online, with free delivery to anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

  2. They’re the perfect gift for your boss: If you’re appreciative for a full year of work and are winding down for the Christmas break, we often need to source a gift to show our gratitude. There are hampers to suit both men and women with self-indulgent, classy products suitable to impress.

  3. They’re visually stunning: It’s no secret we’re forever attracted to visually appealing products, and this certainly aids in our final selection. The hampers are gorgeously presented and wrapped, within a signature coastal hampers box.  These are the perfect gifts for relatives when you have no idea what to the buy them.

  4. You’ll be the Queen / King of Secret Santa: For Secret Santa on a budget, there’s some hampers to gift with minimal effort required.  

  5. The products are truly lovely: Often hampers are filled with lots of products, but Coastal Hampers offer a range of ridiculously tasty and renowned brands. Check out the website to see the companies Coastal Hampers work with.

  6. You get to avoid the Christmas rush parking: We all know how difficult it is to score a carpark leading up to Christmas - even if it is just for a single present. We often spend so much more than we intended or our budget allowed. With Coastal Hampers, you’re able to avoid the mad rush, and purchase your products from the comfort of your own home.

  7. Free Delivery: That extra $10-$15 usually spent on delivery costs is officially slashed with Coastal Hampers. As a locally owned business, Coastal Hampers prides itself on personal delivery to ensure products are cared for.